To My Friends

Boyd_Roberts2To My Friends:

Hello my friends, supporters, Riverside County Democrats and 42nd Congressional District voters. When I decided to put my name in for California’s 42nd Congressional District, I did so with the desire to end the hold of a corrupt and out of touch Congressman on my community’s Congressional seat. I entered the race with a desire for fairness in our economy which has been riddled with predatory behavior and fraud from big banks. I set forth with a passion for improving access to higher education for all Americans.

It is with this passion in mind that I recently decided I would not put my name on the ballot after all. I decided that my time and passion will be better spent and more productive if I focused on advocating for and developing a national online university. I have watched day after day as colleges have become unaffordable, unaccessible, and those who do attend a university are trapped with student loan debt for years to come. I believe that 21st century problems call for 21st century solutions, and therefore I am guided by this dream of accessible and affordable education, and I intend to make the dream a reality.

I may return to run for congress in the future. As an active member of my community, I will continue to fight for the values I ran on, and hope I may one day represent these values in public service. I’d like to thank my fellow Democratic candidates for remembering and showing that we fight for common goals. I would also like to thank all of my supporters for your help and encouragement. Your participation in our Democratic-Republic is what will move us forward in 2014, and the years to come!


Boyd Roberts